Menstruation Matters coming right up!

KEEP EYES ON HERE – page is a work in progress in case you notice any incoherence (not keeping in draft, just gonna throw what comes to me on here in raw form).

flowReady Always Period Prepped


In setting up FlowReady, I want to help many young girls in low income countries starting with my own Uganda, to be ready for their period. As simple as that! It is sad to know that 66% of young girls know nothing about menstruation until menarche – that is the first time they start bleeding!

My story is part of the why.

As a young girl, I struggled with menstruation – A LOT! I truly hate that period of my childhood the most (except for when my mom died before the bleeding came).

I was about 9 years old when I noticed my mom hang a few pieces of cloths on a fruit tree in the sun. She must have noticed me wondering about the small pieces because she said,

“one day you will need these”.

I honestly did not understand at all what she meant, and a year later she was gone – dead. Not long after menarche set in. I…(tbc)

The gambling begun

I was scared, confused, ashamed, and I felt all these emotions alone. The only person I could talk to was me, myself and I. (tbc)


When I get my periods, I will go to a person I know and trust nearest to me and ask for help. What I like about periods is that it is a learning experience for girls. What I don’t like about periods is that girls are often ashamed to have their periods and hide it because most of their community tells them it is bad. Periods are a natural process and girls should not be ashamed of them.

Jordana Arinda, 11 years old


So when you have your period, you should not let any man touch your private body parts or you’ll get pregnant. And you should not listen to them because they don’t make you happy, they make themselves happy.

Lynette Zion, 10 years old

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