COVID19 Collection of best practices

Coronavirus - COVID19 - is causing disruption in the UK with dire consequences for many. The pandemic has taken a toll on the economic and social life globally.

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Population Growth and our shackled uteri

If we don’t have the conversation about our growing numbers, we will be doing an injustice not only to nature but to the women who are mostly expected to ‘reproduce and fill the earth’. I am irked when organisations ignore talking about population or when they talk about it and totally misunderstand what it’s all... Continue Reading →

In Our Word AFJ Social Media Designs

Graphics @inourworldafj, similar on Facebook and Twitter all resized for the platforms. All posts designed using canva. Twitter Continue Reading →


Here are some videos that I created in my various communications roles while at Prospect Burma UK, Population Matters, Running Horse and Scientists Warning. Video marketing.

Cracking Knuckles and Counting Kids

Population Matters’ Campaigns and Projects Officer, Florence Blondel, reflects on her family life in Uganda, and the changes she sees coming. Florence with pupils in Ejirikombeni, Northern Uganda There was a time when I would start to count my siblings mentally and this would be accompanied by the use of my fingers (as I cracked... Continue Reading →

Truth, Justice, and Social Media

How I have felt God guide me in my journalism and Social Media use What kind of ministry have I been called to in my work as a journalist? Giving a voice to the ‘unseen’ especially, vulnerable children, women, and girls, is what drew me to journalism. At the back of my mind was my own... Continue Reading →

The Running Horse Aldgate Works

These are some of the Instagram posts I have made for the Running Horse since I started co managing their social media in November 2017. I advised and developed their LinkedIn strategy including setting up their company page from their profile. I also create content and post for their twitter account.

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