Here are some videos that I created in my various communications roles while at Prospect Burma UK, Population Matters, Tropical Health and Education Trust – THET, Running Horse and Scientists Warning.

Population Matters



Biodiversity needs population action

Earth Day 2020

Condoms against climate change

Will you Do it for the Planet?

Help KOMB GREEN protect people & nature

Kadogo’s story

The Last Elephant in the Room – PM Conference 2019

Barsaloi People and the Environment

Big Baby Live

Climate Strike Live

Bella Lack on school strikes

PM London Group calling for population action

Joy talks about her family

Marine talking about her family

Causes of air pollution

Go, Susie, go!

Running for people and planet

SDG1, SDG2, SDG4, SDG5, SDG13, SDG15

Jane Goodall on population


Bella Lack @ Population Matters Conference 2019

World Water Week

Is anyone disturbed by this video?

Fewer people = solvable environmental problems

World Elephant Day🐘

NGOS Need to Step up to the Plate!

Key Drivers of Population Growth

Alex talks environment in Trafalgar Square

Robin Maynard on the Population Clock

Robin Maynard’s message for President Trump



World Population Day 2019: Lagos, New York and London! Short summary of events on 3 continents.

Population Matters in Nigeria Longer form video of the Nigerian event.

Barsaloi People and the Environment

Kadogo’s Story

Empowering women in Kenya: Dandelion Africa

Population and women’s empowerment in Kenya

Sustainable development needs population solutions

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on population

BIG BABY flies over Parliament Square

British diver Rich Horner on plastic pollution

Dr Muhtari Aminu-Kano on World Population Day

Condoms against climate change!

Human Population and the Sixth Mass Extinction: PM Conference 2019

Jane Goodall @ Population Matters Conference 2019

Speakers, Robin, Dr Wright, Dr Kiiru, Dr Edu, Phil

Population Matters conference 2018: summary

Leilani Münter on overpopulation

In Our World

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All long form videos on facebook are shared on Instagram and Youtube, edited from live shows which we broadcast via zoom through Facebook.

About us

#mosquitoclapchallenge dance

Weight Diet Matters Quiz part 2

Prospect Burma

This is us!

Genette’s Call for more Prospect Burma Donors

From 1 scholarship in 1989 to over 90 annually: Our journey

Prospect Burma’s Future

Creating Impact in Myanmar through Donor Support

Bo Bo Lwin on ‘the Golden Opportunity’ that is Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma ‘s Foundation

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